Meadio is a User Experience Studio that facilitates research methods and design thinking to make your software better.

What We Do

Our main principle is doing good work that helps elevate your companies vision and user experience while providing insights. We will create recommendations on how to proceed with next steps, provide designs, and validate your highest risk features.


We need to understand what your product is, what it does, and why you are building it.


Focus on user behaviors, needs, and motivations on why they will use your product or service.


After researching we will be in a place to start evaluating your project and make recommendations.


Put your ideas on paper by doing sketching exercises in a facilitated environment.


Plan the creation, delivery, and launching of your new product and its features.

User Journeys

A journey will outline the scenario and steps a user will take while interacting with your product.

User Stories

Stories help build up a products feature list to be built and then can be ordered by priority.


Great ideas are generated when your under pressure and are encouraged to think quickly.


Make sure every one of your users can actually use your product regardless of ability.


A prototype is a valuable tool to quickly test your users and validate previous assumptions.


Define your application structure and set up a good foundation to start wireframing.


Benefit of wireframes is to build the experience first without focusing on designs.

Who We Work With

The following are the three groups of people we believe we can provide the most impactful work for.


Validating your users problem before you make a large investment will save you time and money.

Business Owner

Understand you users and drive them towards actions on your product to increase statistics.

Product Owner

Insert us seamlessly into your teams workflow to help tackle specific UX challenges and do some good work.

Let's talk about your products user experience
and the problems you're solving.

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